Help us to start a new tradition this Christmas.

From the tree and the turkey to the trimmings, Christmas is all about the traditions. Only this year, we’d like your help to leave one tradition behind and begin a brand new one - all for the sake of a very good cause.

Every December, we, like many other agencies, send our clients across the world a tastefully designed Christmas greeting. This year we’d like to donate the money we normally allocate to our Christmas campaign to St. George’s Crypt – a fantastic local charity that has been helping the homeless and vulnerable in Leeds since the 1930s.

Let’s help make a difference.

Anybody living or working in Leeds will know that the number of homeless people in this area has had a significant increase over the past couple of years, and being located in the city, we see this ever-growing problem everyday.  It’s quite literally on our doorstep, and so, we decided to try do something about it to help out. 

But being the caring bunch that we are, we don’t just want to help out for the next 12 days and then go back to agency life; we want to do something that supports our friends and homeless down at the crypt for the next 12 months.

Here’s how the crypt are already making a difference.


Bringing Christmas to the crypt for the next 12 months.

Our 12 months of Christmas campaign commences in January. For every month that follows, a different member of the Aire team will liaise with the charity and work out how we can best support fund-raising and the day-to-day running for that month. This could be anything from making further donations, to helping to source more washing powder or providing some groceries for them. And that way, we hope that every member of the Aire family will have a chance to make a difference.

Before this year-long campaign starts, our people are already donating their time and expertise to help out with St George’s marketing activities, something that they don’t have the time, resource or skills to do successfully. This is where we come in, working with St George’s we will be helping out by:

1. Refining their brand guidelines.

2. Creating practical templates for the charity’s social media platforms.

3. Designing templates for fund-raising posters and flyers.

4. Developing compelling content that helps the charity achieve its regular fund-raising goals.

And the good news doesn’t end there…

With the help of our friends at Powerhouse, we’ll also be creating a master library of images and videos that the charity can use on and offline, shooting a short promotional film to showcase the good work they do, and filming a number of events throughout the year – to help spread the word, encourage people to donate, and recruit new volunteers.

With a little extra effort each month, we believe we really can provide the homeless of Leeds with 12 months of support. This in turn, will hopefully give them the right tools to deliver much more engaging marketing content for the crypt in the future. 

Needless to say, we would love to hear from you if you can help us in any way.

To make any donations to the crypt then please click here

In the meantime, we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! We look forward to bringing you a year of good news in 2019.

 The Aire Family.