Last Friday we hosted a mouth-watering veggie feast for our Fold Family to embrace and encourage the meat-free movement, in association with the inspiring brands Quorn and Cauldron, both of which we have the pleasure in working with. We are in full support of their mission to provide ethical, environmental and health benefits to the planet through delicious and exciting foods.


Our veggie feast

We gave our people the opportunity to try the variety of veggie foods that are available in market today. This included …

- Quorn snacks (cocktail sausages, mini savoury eggs, sausage rolls)
- Cauldron snacks (falafel bites)
- A homemade curry (especially made by two of our veggie’s here at The Fold), using Quorn mince of course
- Local market produce (veg, fruit, salad)
- Local pizza restaurant (selection of 3 veggie/vegan pizzas)
- A range of veggie crisps and dips

This food was A-mazing! It was all high in fibre and protein, low in saturated fats and super nutritious. Big thanks to Simpatico for providing the pizzas. We can’t recommend this place enough, their pizzas are to die for!

To tie in with the meat-free cause, we had a competition for the best veggie pun. The winner received x2 tickets to the Fever-Tree Tennis Championships game on the 22nd June. Here is the prize-winning pun. 

“I am excited from my head TOMATO about this PUNN-IT has to win. If I win, I need to ORANGE my own transPOTATOion to be at the COREt side? It’s worth it to APPLEy to get to see these SEEDED players. It's going to be NUTS”.

Meat-free does NOT mean no meat

Please refrain from raising an eyebrow, as the term ‘meat-free’ is not as daunting as it actually sounds. No, we are not all vegetarians trying to preach to you to give up your beloved bacon butties or sirloin steaks, but instead, we are a company who embraces the current culture and encourages change to better the world we live in. 

The ‘meat-free’ mentality has certainly entered the mainstream in recent years, sprouting new agendas and outlooks which have grabbed the attention of the nation and established a shift towards plant-based dining. Interestingly enough, 1.2 million UK residents are now identifying themselves as vegan and 3 million are switching to vegetarianism. This evolution is continually aiming to improve people’s health and their carbon footprint.

With a wealth of information and inspiration, consumers are now embracing the concept of reducing their meat intake. Whether from effect of the ‘Netflix Generation’s’ exposure to eye-opening documentaries, such as Cowspiracy; to the growing accessibility of meat substitutes, society seems to be healthily embracing the challenge of learning new recipes and exploring ways to create appetising meat-free meals.

As supporters of Quorn and their products, we love to see the amount of distinctive orange packaging in the supermarkets. With over 100 products within their portfolio, it is not hard to miss their stand out packs in the store. Something that is quite significant is that Quorn lower their carbon footprint by 90% by using less land and water to produce their products. So, next time you are in the supermarket and unsure on which brand to go for, let that fact be a decider!

P.S. If you haven't tried them all already… Quorn Crispy Nuggets taste just as good as Mc Donald’s, just less saturated fat, a healthy dose of protein and are much more guilt free!

Even our beloved home of Leeds is now becoming quite an iconic veggie/vegan scene. There are more veggie/vegan restaurants, cafes and pop-ups than ever before. The range of dining options that Leeds has to offer means consumers can enjoy an accessible dining experience that aims to please vegans, veggies and curious foodies alike, who want to discover new foods and flavours. 

Heading to Leeds anytime soon and interested in veggie/vegan food? 

Click on the link below to see where the veggie hot spots are. One of our favourites is Humpit – think hummus, falafel, and pittas. Such a great combo! They were no.1 on TripAdvisor within months of opening and they’ve stayed in the top 10 ever since. 

click here

Go home, get that chefs hat on and get creative in the kitchen!

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