Our founding values guide our every move.

Be nice
Use good, honest judgement
See the opportunities, seize the opportunities
Delight our clients everyday
Make stuff happen



“Help communicate Aire’s founding values internally.
Breathe life into a previously unoccupied space and transform it into a piece of considered design that we can be proud of.”


The format in question is a 9 metre x 2 metre plywood board that sits along the longest side of our studio. There were a few challenges involved including TVs/speakers attached to the wall, conduits to manoeuvre around, as well as ergonomic considerations such as seating and desk height. These elements impacted the ‘focus area’ for information and dictated which areas of the wall would get the best visibility.


With any large format printing, technical decisions need to be made in order to get the best outcome for any bitmap artwork; and with the style of artwork in mind (which consisted of a collage made up of large retro brand posters that Aire is affiliated with), we had to stylise the imagery to optimise the large scale effectiveness and legibility of the artwork.

We applied a screen-printed CMYK halftone dot effect to the background collage in a similar way you would with billboard ads or other large format printing. This allowed our relatively small low-res images to be scaled up for large format.

We opted for an authentic fly-postered style effect, with a large background collage and five separate posters to go over the top (made up of bespoke, hand-rendered digital typography).
Our thinking was “gig venue wall for iconic brands”
A literal and metaphorical overlapping of rich pop culture that is at the core of what we do. It also lends itself to an element of future-proofing; if we get bored of the design after a year or so we’ll be able to fly-post some more content up there with no complications.

It’s been a lively project that’s injected some life into the studio space and culture. It captures what we’re about as a team, sums up our company ethos and delivers an ‘Aire’ of industry know-how.

A different but cool project to work on. I’m really pleased with the outcome!


Declan Bell