The challenge

Caran D’Ache has been the sharpest pencil in the box for over a century. Our challenge was to create a colourful back to school campaign that would propel the brand to the top of its class, showcase its Swiss heritage, and ensure two key ranges won pride of place in every primary school pencil case.

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Taking inspiration from the existing Prismalo range, we focused on the iconic Cervin and created a suite of packaging designs that elevated the brand to new heights in a crowded category. While retaining a strong Swiss feel, each design added a fresh modern twist that would earn the brand top marks with mums and primary school children.

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The insight 

Having researched the brand’s heritage, we knew that Swiss products are intrinsically linked to quality, tradition and innovation. We also knew that our primary school audience is switched on by smart modern style and stand-out design. We combined the two to ensure Caran D’Ache passed the classroom ‘cool brand test with flying colours.

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