Aire Care

We’re a caring bunch at Aire and ‘Aire Care’ addresses how we can positively influence the world around us.


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Aire Care focuses on

Being a responsible business

As a business, we’re committed to actively solving problems greater than our own. And as a responsible employer, we place great emphasis on maintaining an ethical culture. That’s to say, one in which our people take individual responsibility for their decisions and behaviour.

Making our employees happy

At Aire, client delight and employee happiness are one and the same. We depend on the quality of our team to provide exceptional levels of client service: we call it client delight. However, we can only achieve this by creating a productive and people-friendly working environment. We are especially proud of our inspiring studio spaces, and culture that respects and includes each member of the Aire family.

Getting involved with local communities

As a business, we actively contribute to our local community and, wherever possible, aim to give something back. To do this, we work in partnership with members of our extensive network for the mutual good of our community partners and our people.

Protecting the environment

As a creative services company, we appreciate that the business decisions we take can have an impact on others. We are also aware that our stakeholders expect us to minimise our environmental footprint. We have subsequently made environmental performance one of our key sustainability objectives and are delighted to have already achieved two of these sustainable objectives, by using renewable energy in our head office and a fully electric company car fleet.

Our sustainability strategy is built on three key practices:

1) Doing the right thing – we continually improve environmental practices within our business and across the industry by:

• Choosing to locate our Head Office in a highly efficient, recycled building

• Selecting locations for our other facilities which are environmentally responsible

• Working in city centres to encourage the use of public transport

• Using only 100% renewable energy

• Running company cars that are powered by 100% renewable energy

• Supporting our employees with a ride-to-work cycling scheme

• Recycling our waste


2) Being a catalyst – on a daily basis, we use our knowledge, skills and relationships to work with others and remain part of the solution that influences change for the better.

3) Influencing effective packaging design — while we don’t manufacture or print physical packaging, our experience is frequently called upon to help direct brand owners to choose effective packaging and techniques which minimise environmental impact. Our Conceptual Prototyping solutions completely eliminate expensive and time-consuming print trial requirements, which can have a significant and long-lasting impact on the environment. The savings in material, ink and press energy alone are significant, and all time and costs savings are easily quantifiable.