The challenge

In the convenience sector, Pringles has long been the king of pop. With its quirky personality, chirpy tone of voice and fun-loving character, the brand continues to win over fans and break retail records. So, it was music to our ears when Pringles asked us to help develop a hit summer promotion with Deezer. Our mission was to create an all-singing POS campaign that was in tune with the premium nature of Deezer, the ‘Pop, Play, Eat’ creative of the master brand, and the tastes of modern music streamers.



Our promotional mechanic: buy 3 cans and get 4 months of Deezer free, needed to come across loud and clear. So, to ensure local markets were singing off the same sheet, we developed a master key visual using the master assets, then consistently rolled this out across 38 localised key visuals and 168 artwork files.




The insight

Once you pop, you just can’t stop’, and as the saying goes, our campaign execution was a perfect example. To tick every box on the brief, we dialled up the brand’s volume in store with a memorable theatre campaign that mirrored the headphones of the key visual and got music-loving shoppers into the summer groove.