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Support services

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Dedicated, Client Delight teams

We understand that each of our clients has unique commercial objectives, needs and challenges. As such, our business is configured to easily deliver, bespoke, highly configurable workflows – we don’t do 'one-size-fits all'.

To the delight of our clients, we accomplish what others cannot, will not, or do not. No matter what. In short, our Client Delight teams are 100% dedicated to you and your business, and are truly focussed on being a trusted extension of your marketing and brand teams.

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Onsite support services

Aire has numerous client-sited studio facilities throughout the world, staffed by experienced designers. These creative hubs provide a whole host of onsite Adaptical Design solutions for critical and fast-turnaround projects. They also deliver onsite project control for projects requiring high levels of care and frequent check-in points. Often funded by retainer models, these onsite solutions provide marketing and procurement teams with consistent levels of efficiency and cost optimisation.


Lean-Sigma process reengineering

Simplification and speeding up the graphics process is a hot topic on many brand owners agendas. Both our Management and Lean-Sigma engagement teams have helped revolutionise more than 15 consumer production goods companies through evaluating and reengineering their Design-to-Print processes. From local brand owners to global giants, all have benefited from simplified, faster processes, less waste and greater cost efficiency.

Design services

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Design concepts and development

We understand and correctly interpret brand DNA and the strategic intent. What’s more, everything we present at the design stage is checked to ensure commercial reproduceabity at print.

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On-pack and POS promotional campaign activation

Centralising promotional campaign design across packaging and POS provides levels of creativity, consistency and brand building that are unachievable when promotional agencies control the design phase. While each campaign has its own unique character, we always ensure underlying representation from the core brand.

Content services

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Visual asset creation, image retouching and art direction

Centralised photography enhances the design adaptation process even further, providing even greater levels of consistency, control and cost management. Many of our clients’ strategic agencies use our photography solution for creating the strategic master.

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Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

The Aire CGI team creates thousands of hyper-realistic, realistic and illustrative render styles each month. From e-commerce and mobile pack image albums, to renders for advertising and 3D rotatable files for proof-of-concept, our team of highly skilled Virtual Artists meticulously creates sophisticated pieces of art.

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Video and animation

We provide an extension of Adaptical Design that takes brands and campaigns from packaging and POS into video and animation. We also help brand owners to meet the continual demand for rapid, online and social media content creation. In conjunction with photography shoots, we can seamlessly create reportage videos, shots and stop-frame animation for content repurposing.

Copy services

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When speed is of the essence, being able to develop creative marketing copy for new sub-brands, straplines or promotions is a huge advantage to our clients.

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Local market adaptation, transcreation, translation and culture consultancy

Taking English or US English master packs and adapting them to work in local markets is a core expertise within Aire and is a critical component of the Adaptical process. From single language packs to complex 12-language cluster packs, we are well versed in making designs and messages work locally and culturally. Our Culture Consultancy solution helps brand owners to successfully launch in new markets and avoid costly mistakes.

Implementation services

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Design-stage colour management

Each design that we present to a client has undergone a pre-release technical check for commercial print viability. We manage your expectations from the outset, by ensuring that what we design is achievable in the real world.

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Print technical consultation

Even the most inspiring creative can fail, if the vision cannot be realised in the commercial world. That’s why every design idea that Aire presents goes through a technical consultation process to ensure that it can be realised at print.

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Conceptual prototyping, mock-ups and sales samples

Conceptual prototypes are our highly colour accurate on-press or digital simulation proofs. These are machine and/or hand finished to look just like the final packs, using the exact materials and colour space. Establishing and managing colour earlier in the Adaptical Design phase, helps side-step expensive and time-consuming print trials.

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Artwork production, pre-press colour separation and colour management

‘Aire Pro’, Aire's Production Agency, provides packaging artwork, pre-press and colour management services to brand owners of all sizes, and covers all packaging formats and print processes. Our teams of highly knowledgeable production specialists and client service project managers are led by a senior management team, who are well known in the packaging production world.